Top Tech Company in Charleston, SC. Accelerates Growth with New Office and Creative, Innovative Workspaces

When TIAG—an innovative technology company providing transformational solutions to private industry and across the Department of Defense—sought a new Charleston, SC location to accommodate its growing presence in that region, they were intentional and purposeful about creating a progressive, fun, and innovative atmosphere for both employees and customers. 

“Every time we’ve expanded, it’s been with an employee-first mindset. Every decision made was thoughtful and intentional and we asked ourselves, how do we make this awesome for our people? We did this because our employees make every day awesome for our customers. Our focus was to build an environment that truly empowered, engaged, and inspired employees and customers,” shares Neil Lampton, President and Chief Operation Officer of TIAG.

Highlights from the employee-focused design include an interactive and flexible seating layout, collaborative team gathering/design areas, and several lounge spaces and nooks to provide an immersive environment with a variety of seating types and unobstructed views of the iconic Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge. Two private phone booth rooms were also incorporated so employees could have private meetings, quiet collaboration, or simply an area for focused flow.

Creative space design and iconic views complete TIAG's Charleston office

“This was an opportunity to align our environment to our culture and values. As an innovation company; creativity, connection, and design are inherent in everything we do. We wanted the space itself to be a creative outlet, bring the diversity of our team together, and spark innovation,” shares Umang Modi, Managing Principal and Chief Strategy Officer of TIAG. 

Using experience and feedback collected from a combined 40+ years working in corporate environments, TIAG leaders and Charleston-locals Erick Iverson and Brian Sheets, designed the office from the studs to the finishing touches with a singular focus on forming an employee and customer friendly environment that was both productive and visually striking. Using the backdrop of Charleston’s outdoor beauty and a variety of natural outdoor elements and finishes; the space was designed to provide universal access to scenic views, with quiet nooks and spaces where employees, customers, and visitors to the office can work in a way that positively impacts their mental health and well-being. 

“We looked at 30 different office locations and circled back to the first one. It was just raw construction and high beams, but the location was striking and gave us the layout to build a flexible work environment within the building. We picked every finish, the design layout, and where we put offices and conference rooms,” shares General Manager, Erick Iverson, “It was very important to us to make sure everyone has unobstructed views looking out on to the water, so we designed the environment around the windows and created a completely open workspace with low top, adjustable tables. The desks are moveable and flex so that we can change the teams as the programs change. We didn’t want people to feel stuck. In fact, we wanted everyone to have the flexibility to enhance their space and use their discretion to move at any time.” 

“As an innovation and people-centric company, we believe that everyone works better, collaborates better, and feels better when they are in well-designed workspaces,” shares TIAG’s Director of Business Development and Growth, Brian Sheets, “Happy employees are extremely important for the survival and performance of any organization—and a large part of our company success is building an environment that allows our employees to feel more relaxed and less stressed, thus helping them further engage in their jobs with an entrepreneurial approach and creative response to our customer’s needs.” 

The new Charleston location brings TIAG closer to new and existing clients in the region and will increase their efforts to further expand staffing and capabilities in services across Health IT, Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, Data Modeling, Health Registries Management, Cybersecurity, System Validation, Information Assurance, and Software Development and Testing.