TIAG Selected to Provide FEMA’s EDAMI Program Data Mitigation, Engineering & System Integration Support

RESTON, Va. TIAG, a leading technology and enterprise data solutions provider, is proud to announce its selection by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to support and implement its Enterprise Data and Analytics Modernization Initiative (EDAMI) Program. TIAG will work alongside FEMA to enhance their data sharing and analytics capabilities, ensuring data-driven decision-making in the face of increasing threats and disasters.

“By automating and integrating data requests from internal and external platforms, FEMADex enhances the access stakeholders have to critical information when they need it,” said Umang Modi, Managing Partner and Chief Strategy Officer, “Ultimately transforming its disaster response and saving countless lives.”

As part of this three-year contract contract, TIAG will optimize FEMA’s data usage, streamline its emergency management processes, and enhance its IT infrastructure by revamping the FEMADex System Design and Architecture. This will create a powerful and fast platform that promotes seamless data access and efficient teamwork across the program. With TIAG’s expertise in system design and integration, FEMA’s ambitious data migration goals can be successfully achieved. The new FEMADex platform, supported by TIAG, will greatly improve FEMA’s data management and inter-system collaboration capabilities and enhance FEMA’s ability to respond to crises efficiently and effectively.

The FEMADex platform – a key component of the EDAMI program – will replace the legacy EDW, integrating cloud-based solutions and creating a scalable platform to foster data exchange, analysis, and reporting. This modernized solution will ultimately bridge existing capability gaps, ensure reliable access to data, streamline reporting capabilities, and increase operational efficiency.

TIAG’s long partnership with FEMA combined with its expertise in enterprise data and analytics modernization, data migration, engineering, and system integration support makes the company an ideal partner in this Agile IT modernization effort. TIAG is excited to contribute to the EDAMI program, which holds immense potential to transform data services, enhance disaster response, and ultimately improve the lives of millions of Americans.


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