tiag® Announces Long-Planned Leadership Change

Neil Lampton succeeds Dalita Harmon as President/COO

Umang Modi succeeds Fred Goeringer as Managing Principal/CSO

RESTON, Va., February 6, 2018 – tiag® is pleased to announce long-planned changes in leadership for the information technology firm its founders established in 1999 to provide strategic, transformational solutions for private industry and across the Department of Defense.

Co-Founders Dalita Harmon (former president/CEO) and Fred Goeringer (former managing principal) have transitioned from their prior roles and now serve on the company’s board of directors. As new president and chief operating officer, Neil Lampton steers tiag’s strategic direction, daily operations and ever-increasing portfolio of works. New managing principal and chief strategy officer Umang Modi maintains control of crucial strategic processes and evolving go-to-market strategies.

tiag’s new leadership will support work already under way to bolster tiag’s focus on cybersecurity and information assurance, data analytics, cloud migration and integration, data center consolidation, mobile platform and software development, clinical and business informatics, infrastructure optimization, IT service management and business transformation, among other tiag specialties.

“Notably, Neil and Umang joined tiag on the same day in 2005 and both have worn a range of hats as they learned every facet of tiag’s business while mastering increasing levels of leadership within our company,” says Harmon. “Fusing the full scope of their individual and collective expertise, they will shepherd tiag’s growth into new markets to meet heightened customer demand for our company’s visionary IT solutions and products.”

Ensuring corporate-wide cohesiveness and consistency in external and internal operations, Lampton will continue to safeguard company stability, innovation, growth and success in tiag’s ongoing works and technology initiatives. Overseeing all levels of internal and external management along with financial responsibility, he is steering numerous objectives, among them, quantitative management activities for the firm’s advanced ISO and CMMI certifications.

Sustaining alignment of tiag’s high standards and objectives at all levels of the organization, Modi will galvanize technology synergies and partnerships by overseeing product development, sales/marketing and enhanced technology capabilities. He will focus on strategic planning processes while also facilitating such emerging initiatives as tiag’s Technology and Innovations Strike Team, comprising tiag leaders and innovators who develop leading technological solutions that enhance and elevate customer missions, while creating demand for new business opportunities.

“Neil and I have been involved with the success of this company since the early days and we’ve complemented each other very well, fine-tuning our individual strengths to advance critical initiatives for our company, our customers and employees,” says Modi. “Now, as the ultimate decision makers for tiag’s future, we’re expanding upon and pushing to the forefront the new ideas for solutions and capabilities that we’ve been working on for the past couple of years.”

“tiag has always been focused on innovation, and this year we’re doubling down on that by heightening our quality processes and simplifying delivery of services,” says Lampton. “Equally important — having watched and learned from our illustrious co-founders as we’ve come up through the ranks all these years — our goal is to maintain the unique, close-knit company culture that has made tiag successful and inspired our desire to continue being a part of this great company.”

tiag employees honored their outgoing co-founders and celebrated tiag’s new leaders during a year-end all-hands company event. Together, Lampton and Modi have amplified tiag’s work and broadened the company’s client base of work for commercial, federal government, military, municipal and state government organizations. Their efforts have likewise expanded tiag’s footprint on the East Coast, West Coast, in the Pacific Northwest and Southern U.S. Bringing new ideas and fresh approaches to tiag’s business development, their shared leadership will continue to assure structure, balance, continuity, longevity and success for tiag’s business, brand and unified corporate culture.

About tiag® 

Headquartered in the Washington, D.C. area and on the West Coast, tiag (The Informatics Applications Group, Inc.), is an innovative management consulting and technology services firm esteemed for providing superior technology solutions that transform business and advance critical missions. tiag takes pride in its people, achievements, processes and successes in leading initiatives to support our government and commercial clients. tiag’s extensive services portfolio delivers focused expertise and support ranging from complex, enterprise-wide solutions to stand-alone custom projects. Please explore our service offerings at and connect with us to discover how we provide tremendous value beyond the scope of work.

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