RESTON, Va. TIAG, in exclusive partnership with human performance software leaders CoachMePlus, was awarded a SBIR contract as part of the Army Application Lab Special Program Awards for Required Technology Needs (SPARTN) program to support the Army’s Holistic Health and Fitness (H2F) initiative with a comprehensive digital interface to promote Soldier readiness and wellbeing. 

“We are passionate about helping our armed services evaluate and improve warfighter readiness, health, and wellness, and this SBIR builds on our ongoing pilot with the U.S. Army Reserves, multi-year support for the Army’s Recovery Care Program’s Adaptive Reconditioning mission, and pilots with the U.S. Navy and U.S. Air National Guard,” shares Umang Modi, Managing Partner and Chief Strategy Officer. “We really want to build a holistic performance picture of each Soldier over time and stay with them, helping build on their performance and wellness, throughout their career.”

Holistic Health and Fitness Management System (H2FMS) is an Army-wide initiative to build a healthy fighting force and ensure every Soldier is ready for the unique occupational demands of the job. In partnership CoachMePlus and together with Fort Bragg Research Institute (FBRI), a program of The Geneva Foundation and the leader in innovative medical research toward optimizing military human performance, TIAG will leverage its Warrior Performance Platform (WP2) to create a user interface for Soldiers to track performance, receive coaching, and interface within and throughout the Army’s ecosystem of resources quickly and easily.

“We want to consolidate and simplify the entire processes so that military leaders can deliver faster interventions, drive performance across the force, and improve readiness,” shares Neil Lampton, President and COO of TIAG. “We believe WP2 will amplify and enable H2F’s efforts for the Army.”

People First and Soldier Readiness are top priorities for Army senior leaders, and H2F needs robust, comprehensive digital tools for military leaders to evaluate readiness and assist Soldiers in optimizing their wellbeing and performance. As an AWS cloud-hosted human performance-tracking platform, TIAG’s solution monitors key human performance metrics holistically across health, wellness, and recovery—in real-time and historical data in a central platform. It provides the foundation for the Army to deploy and provide congruent fitness programs tailored to individual needs, movement education on how to conduct exercises correctly, sleep and nutrition support, and spiritual and mental readiness programs that are proactive rather than reactive.

“Soldier performance is more than just physical capability. We know sleep, nutrition, mental, and spiritual readiness are proven components of a Soldier’s overall wellness and resilience,” shares ​​Jake Repanshek, Executive Director of Solutions and Technology for TIAG. “We want Soldiers to maintain a healthy baseline across all domains of wellness,  and that takes a cohesive system for data collection and display so leaders can understand the readiness level of their force and identify Soldiers who may be struggling, enabling prioritized practitioner interventions where appropriate.”

Through its Holistic Health & Fitness (H2F) initiative, the Army has affirmed its commitment to the holistic wellness of every Soldier—mind, body, and soul. TIAG is proud to be part of the effort to field and deploy Warrior Performance Platform, the premier H2F-enablement technology, to deliver a solution capable of supporting all five domains of H2F.


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About Coach Me Plus

CoachMePlus is fueling the “Omnichannel Fitness” market, leveraging workout-tracking, wellness monitoring, wearable technologies integrations, and a full suite of testing and reporting tools to monitor key indicators of health, ability, and performance. The platform advances proactive performance management from training through deployment. The CoachMePlus performance-optimization solution that underpins remote and in-person fitness fuses data analytics, telemedicine, and cutting-edge health IT solutions with decades of insights from working with U.S. military communities and professional sports organizations across the globe.

About WP2

As a purpose-built performance-tracking platform for the DoD and federal community, WP2 monitors key indicators of a warrior’s health and capability, maximizing the value of real-time and historical data within one centralized system. Providing the capability to uncover trends, develop insights, reduce risk, and prevent negative outcomes, WP2 enables leaders and practitioners to customize training programs that push these warriors to perform at their absolute best, while curtailing chronic/overuse and stress-related injuries. The use of smartphone-based mobile application technology means that warriors are connected and accessible from anywhere, enabling remote fitness coaching capabilities never before available to the DoD.