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Employee Spotlight: David Wheeler

David joined TIAG in 2020 as a Cloud Engineer and since he started, everyone who works with him has benefitted from his open-minded and innovative approach to building trust and collaboration. David is an exemplary leader who demonstrates a tremendous self-motivation, extremely high work ethic, and goes above and beyond for his customers. His undeniable focus on customers and the greater team persists by being entrusted with some of our customers’ most critical efforts. Known…

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Employee Spotlight: Shirley Wright

As Corporate Controller for TIAG, Shirley leads the finance team with grace and is responsible for ensuring our accounting, reporting, budgeting, and internal controls comply with all requirements, policies, and strategies. In addition to monitoring and controlling our day-to-day financial operations, she is focused on making sure our financial teams and project managers efficiently respond to all reporting requirements. Shirley is passionate about aligning financial and business metrics to support business strategy and growth. Her…

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