TIAG Launches New Website Designed to Help First Responders Build Resilience

TIAG—an innovative technology company that provides transformational solutions to customers, has announced the launch of a new website, Designed for first responders by first responders, mResilience is a comprehensive mobile app and training program that works to strengthen and maintain resilience so that first responders can continue protecting and saving lives.

“First responders handle an accumulation of stressors and events that put resilience to the test every day. Their resilience and capacity to recover quickly from difficulties is essential for their physical and mental health,” shares Neil Lampton, TIAG President and CEO, “mResilience offers ways to connect with supportive networks 24/7 and constant, confidential access to researched-backed, practical, and actionable strategies that build resistance.”

The new website was designed to provide information on TIAG’s mResilience product and offer numerous whitepapers, research, data, and insights on how first responders can leverage proven techniques to improve their resilience and stay focused. 

“From our more than 20 years of experience working with the DoD and military communities, we know that taking action before, during, and after a traumatic incident can greatly impact general well-being and further mitigate adverse impacts of stress,” shares Umang Modi, TIAG Managing Principal and Chief Strategy Officer, “We also know that the professionals who specialize in this area couldn’t be fully accessible all of the time. We took our experience and invested 3-years of dedicated and focused first responder resilience research using our human-centered design approach to create mResilience”

mResilience provides the awareness and skills first responders need in order to understand how stress affects us and breaks down bodies, friendships, and relationships. With separate law enforcement and firefighter versions; departments receive the same core resilience building elements, but in a way that honors the differences in culture between the communities. mResilience is a dynamic tool designed to reduce the effects of trauma and to help first responders develop crucial skills ahead of time so that when tragedy does strike, the aftereffects aren’t fatal. We call it a “pre-hab” vs. rehab approach.