Senior Leadership

Kate Beltran

Driving TIAG’s visionary innovation to help customers forge new pathways, Kate Beltran steers the way to advanced technology solutions for government and commercial clients.

Kate Beltran
Executive Director

As executive director, Kate leads TIAG’s dynamic Technology and Innovations Strike Team — comprising innovators who develop cutting-edge technologies that enhance and elevate customer missions. Working with IT visionaries who possess broad expertise and unique skill sets, Kate speeds game-changing technology endeavors into the future.

Leading on a tactical level with discernment and finesse, Kate organizes, directs and manages operations, capabilities, activities and deliverables. Empowering her team’s creation of superior IT solutions and next-generation technologies, she sparks innovation for senior-level subject matter experts and fosters the inventiveness of technical specialists in various regions. Advancing TIAG’s emerging technology capabilities, Kate is also involved in the transformation of research and development efforts into actionable business initiatives that bring new technologies to market.

Conscientious and adept in meeting the comprehensive needs of customers and teams, Kate is an intuitive, responsive leader who esteems customer and colleague relationships as much as she values opportunities to advance meaningful work. Applying a pragmatic, analytical approach to TIAG’s business development and expansion of expertise, she proactively identifies innovative opportunities to enhance customer initiatives.

Highly instrumental in expanding TIAG’s capabilities and presence in the Pacific Northwest and on the West Coast, Kate also oversees TIAG’s portfolio of work in psychological health, human factors engineering, mobile health application development, and other IT contracts for complex agencies and sizeable municipalities. Many of these organizations support our nation’s warriors, veterans and their families, among them, Army Analytics Group, and National Center for Telehealth and Technology (T2) — part of Defense Centers of Excellence for Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury.

Providing superlative leadership and sound counsel, Kate is a well-credentialed program management professional with more than 15 years’ experience. Previously, she served as a TIAG director, supporting high-profile, high-intensity projects for government and private sector clients.