Senior Leadership

Dan McCarron

Leading with comprehensive knowledge of enduring and emerging issues germane to national intelligence and cybersecurity, Dan McCarron fuses strategic operational capabilities with innovative approaches for exceptional outcomes.

Dan McCarron
Vice President, Operations

As TIAG’s vice president for national security, Dan applies his 35 years of successes to support U.S. Department of Defense, Homeland Security, Department of Justice, military and intelligence communities. Focusing on highly technical initiatives for cybersecurity, intelligence, advanced analytics, enterprise IT modernization and software development initiatives, Dan draws from his consummate understanding of the expectations and priorities of leaders in public and private sectors.

Piloting with an approach that galvanizes TIAG customers and high-performance teams, Dan is cognizant that the best way to find new approaches to innovation is to look through the lens with a fresh perspective. In his additional role as vice president of operations, Dan fosters TIAG’s success-oriented culture, mission and reputation for delivering value beyond the scope of work. Calibrating the brilliance of TIAG’s certified technical and project management professionals, he ensures effective project management, quality performance and timely delivery. Committed to empowering colleagues and customers, Dan also serves as a sage mentor and guide for TIAG’s career development program.

During his prior 25-year military career, Dan held several high-ranking positions. At the Pentagon, as chief of Central Command in the Joint Operations Division, Dan led the Joint Staff in campaign planning for all U.S. Central Command operations, providing strategic advice to the Joint Operations director for decision-making use by the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the secretary of defense. As joint service planner for Strategy and Plans at Pentagon’s Marine Corps headquarters, Dan advised the Marine Corps commandant and assistant commandant on joint matters. In addition to serving as commanding officer of Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron-264 Reinforced, and commanding officer of Headquarter and Headquarters Squadron, Dan was a Marine Helicopter Squadron One presidential pilot during the George H.W. Bush administrations, transporting the president, vice president, cabinet members and visiting foreign leaders.

Dan transitioned from military in 2005 and among other notable achievements, helped to establish and lead intelligence centers in Afghanistan and Iraq. In military theater, Dan learned the best way to win a battle is to align intel experts with operations teams in direct support of the warfighter. Now advancing the vital work of TIAG in providing innovative solutions for military and government, Dan puts the customer at the center of every process and applies a disciplined systems-engineering approach—together with sage insights of government and industry authorities—to accelerate client missions.