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U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command (USAMRMC)

Data Analytics
TIAG helps the USAMRMC establish a model for leadership transparency for planning, programming and execution of R&D programs
Customer Mission

As the U.S. Army’s medical materiel developer, USAMRMC is responsible for medical research, development, acquisition, and medical logistics management. Medical information and products developed by USAMRMC protect and sustain the health and safety of the warfighter through deployment and combat, particularly on the battlefield.


USAMRMC’s organizations developed processes and technology on an individual program basis, limiting their ability to communicate and share information across the entire command. A new information management capability was needed to meet the evolving needs of medical research and product development, requiring a comprehensive analysis of command and business transformation efforts.


TIAG developed a knowledge platform with a comprehensive view of the command’s functional areas within each organization, illuminating individual command group requirements, best practice processes, pain points, and inefficiencies. By applying data analytics to the Research Management Enterprise Capability (RMEC) financial execution requirements, we were able to deliver a dashboard with views ranging from the enterprise level to individual organizations as well as bring in contextual data to clarify the underlying cause of execution performance.


By fusing data analytics and optimization with process reengineering, we were able to ensure the accuracy and integrity of USAMRMC’s business intelligence and financial data, provide a model for leadership transparency in the financial execution of the R&D program and allow visibility into how all components and programs function at all levels of the organization. With direct access to critical information, leadership is now able to spend less time in spreadsheets to ensure target financial spending.