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US Army Medical Department

U.S. Army Medical Command (MEDCOM)

Clinical + Business Informatics
TIAG helps ensure MEDCOM’s enterprise-wide transition to a new international coding system for medical diagnoses and procedures is successful
Customer Mission

PASBA provides medical coding training, auditing, analytics, and data quality oversight to medical treatment facilities within MEDCOM and across the Military Health System, DoD, and federal government.


PASBA needed to determine how to transition to a new international coding system (ICD-10) in 2013 and understand the potential impacts it would have on their IT infrastructure and investments. 


TIAG provided MEDCOM with a strategy for a seamless transition to ICD-10. We conducted an extensive hands-on inventory of all IT investments in every medical treatment facility by performing transition impact analyses on each IT investment and providing mitigation strategies to reduce any impacts. This approach helped us determine accurate costs and potential impacts of deploying ICD-10. Our guidance and mitigation strategies minimized any potential impacts and ensured a successful transition.


Our team of experts and processes allowed MEDCOM to successfully implement ICD-10 throughout every medical treatment facility around the world.