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Letterkenny Army Depot (LEAD)

Cybersecurity + Information Assurance
TIAG is instrumental in bringing outdated industrial controls systems into an acceptable level of cyber compliance
Customer Mission

As the premier DOD center of industrial and technical excellence, LEAD’s mission is to develop and deliver best-in-class technologies and business practices for air defense tactical missile ground support equipment, mobile electric power generation equipment, patriot missile recertification, and route guidance vehicles for both the U.S. and its international partners. The mission of LEAD’s Directorate of Information Management (DOIM) is to provide the highest level of reliable IT and expand IT services so information flows seamlessly within the LEAD community.


The Industrial Control System (ICS) test equipment located at LEAD presented numerous cybersecurity challenges at every level of the organization, including widely varying security postures with little to no consistency, expired and limited maintenance contracts with no onsite infrastructure, and inconsistent cybersecurity plans across the entire infrastructure.


TIAG created a high-level, four-phase strategy to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities and improve the overall cybersecurity posture of ICS. This strategic approach was then turned into tactical objectives leveraging processes developed to satisfy the three core tracks of the ICS system’s lifecycle. We employed this track-focused, tactical approach to ensure that every ICS test asset within the purview of LEAD, whether new or legacy, would be addressed from a cybersecurity perspective.


LEAD now has a repeatable, standardized protocol to address common vulnerabilities. LEAD is also now able to establish and maintain an acceptable cybersecurity posture and resiliency across the entire lifecycle of ICS and similar test systems.