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US Army Materiel Command

Army Materiel Command (AMC)

Infrastructure Optimization + IT Service Management
TIAG works with U.S. Army Materiel Command (AMC) to standardize IT processes
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AMC is a four-star command delivering logistics, sustainment, and materiel readiness solutions to ensure globally dominant land force capabilities. The AMC Enterprise Services Branch (ESB) provides actionable data on the health, performance, reliability, and availability of all AMC mission applications. AMC’s CIO/G6 provides operational capabilities to support the command, control, communications, computers, and information technology (C4IT) of AMC through architecture, governance, portfolio management, strategy, and acquisition oversight.


From an IT standpoint, AMC’s biggest challenge was the sheer size and complexity of its infrastructure – it is one of the largest organizations in the entire U.S. Army, supporting more than 60,000 desktops, 3,000 servers, and 23 installations across 45 states. AMC also receives platform hosting and WAN connectivity from multiple service providers, making end-to-end application monitoring even more difficult.


TIAG used a responsive, multi-pronged approach to supporting AMC’s complex technological ecosystem that included desktop management, database administration, web development, network infrastructure and hardware management, systems management, and virtualization. For the infrastructure directly operated by AMC, we implemented network infrastructure management software to provide fault management, fault isolation, proactive change management, and root cause analysis. After virtualizing, hardening, and migrating 11 AMC enterprise systems, we then systematically migrated the command to the new cloud offerings and collapsed dozens of local systems. We also analyzed networks, protocol, and systems requirements to procure the proper hosting environments from DISA/APG and provided comprehensive IA engineering from application inception through the creation of RMF packages.


By streamlining and consolidating processes and automating labor-intensive tasks, we were able to maximize AMC’s organizational productivity, improve asset visibility, minimize support costs, and increase user satisfaction for more than 60,000 customers throughout the United States. Our efforts collapsed the footprint of the AMC’s enterprise services hardware platform by 50% and tripled the processing capacity of the entire infrastructure, allowing AMC’s headquarters to increase overall uptime. Our technological expertise and solutions helped AMC achieve its goal of true enterprise IT management across their entire client, infrastructure, IT asset, and IT service management.