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TIAG data analytics services advance the AAG’s data framework
Customer Mission

AAG provides system configuration, analytical services, innovative applications, and data integration across the U.S. Army’s senior leadership enterprise. AAG’s problem-solving capabilities involve massive enterprise data integration and analysis coupled with the most advanced Information Technology solutions available. 


AAG’s Person-Event Data Environment (PDE) contains sensitive manpower, training, financial, health, and medical records covering U.S. Army personnel, civilian contractors, and military dependents. AAG needed big data management and data analytics expertise to support key research projects across the DoD.


TIAG provided expertise in big data management and data analytics, ensuring DoD leaders and researchers had access to a trove of information that delivered meaningful insights with speed and accuracy. We accumulated, transferred, and accessed controlled personnel, financial, and logistic related data for DoD research studies and projects and conducted data acquisition and transformations to ensure the data were fit for use. We also provided a data dictionary for each transformed data set and delivered automated scripts used for data transformation. 


By delivering ongoing, high-quality data management and Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) support services for a DoD-wide big data solution, we were able to complete hundreds of AAG projects, including research studies, surveys and leadership dashboards. By applying our expertise in developing algorithms that reveal meaningful, effective data patterns, we created a machine learning solution for AAG to analyze large amounts of data and produce informed predictions, reducing man hours in a very complex task related to national security.