Three Truths and a Lie: Modernization and Migrating to the Cloud

Let’s take a look at some key truths about moving to the cloud, plus a misunderstanding that might be holding you back. Most organizations don’t need to be sold on the benefits of the cloud. While the pandemic had emphasized the ability to access data and systems from anywhere, the trend toward cloud-based computing was already well underway before 2020. As reported in TechRepublic, tech analysts believe by 2025, more than 85% of organizations will be employing…

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18 Technology Trends That May Soon Revolutionize HR Management

A company’s human resources team has a wide-ranging mandate. HR professionals oversee recruitment and hiring, monitor and manage the employee experience, help team members navigate the changing trends and practices of the workplace, and much more. Until quite recently, much of the work of an organization’s HR department has been manual and time-consuming. Now, however, technology tools and trends are emerging that can ease or even take over much of the data-driven work of human…

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14 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Make Sure Business Investors Feel Heard and Happy

Before taking on any investors, take the time to do proper research and assess each investor’s expectations and needs. Securing the support of multiple investors can be a big boost to a business just getting off the ground. While the guidance and funding these investors offer are critical to building a successful business, entrepreneurs must also become adept at balancing competing feedback and expectations. To create truly positive relationships with investors, it’s key that entrepreneurs…

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Third-Party Data: 20 Expert Tips To Ensure It Provides Real Value

In today’s digital marketplace, businesses are working to find ways to leverage third-party data, which is information collected about companies and individuals by another source. Paired with the customer information businesses collect themselves, third-party data can be valuable for everything from learning important details about a target audience to refining products and services—if it’s managed and used wisely and well. Achieving maximum ROI from third-party data involves not only knowing both its potential and possible…

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Operating in a Small Market? Nine Ways to Attract Business Clients From Larger Markets

Before moving into a larger market, ensure you have a solid business strategy to engage online prospects. In today’s digital world, many companies have more flexibility when it comes to location. Entrepreneurs can set up shop in a smaller city and still find success through the connections they establish with local customers, investors and organizations. However, while operating in a small market can provide a number of business opportunities, being able to access “big market”…

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