19 Changes That Will Impact How The Web Is Built, Managed And Used

Technology tools are ever-evolving. That’s even true of the one tool most of us use every day: the World Wide Web. Indeed, most tech industry pundits say we’re on the threshold of the next generation of the Web, noting that significant changes are coming to how it will operate as well as to the online “balance of power” between large and small businesses (and even consumers and businesses). But what, specifically, will these changes mean…

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19 Ways AI May Soon Revolutionize The Healthcare Industry

Technology experts are clear: Artificial intelligence is poised to revolutionize procedures and tasks across industries—and healthcare is no exception. While it’s not anticipated that AI can ever replace human doctors’ intelligence, empathy and reasoning, tech experts say it can provide invaluable assistance in a variety of health applications. From managing administrative tasks to analyzing big data to help diagnose disease, AI may soon be enhancing and accelerating cutting-edge patient care and extending the capacity and…

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TIAG is excited to announce the hiring of Ally Cullipher as a new Director of Business Development at TIAG.  “Ally is an outstanding business development leader who brings a wealth of defense health knowledge and technical DoD and C4ISR expertise to our organization,” said Umang Modi, Managing Principal and Chief Strategy Officer for TIAG. “Her professional experience and commitment to driving results makes her the perfect fit for this role. She is a proven performer…

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11 Table-Stakes Tech Tools For Ensuring Competitive Customer Service

In today’s market, customers expect to be able to make a purchase or contact a business with questions or concerns around the clock. Even if a business operates one or more physical locations that are open 24/7, maintaining robust customer service support in a digital era means turning to technology. If a customer can’t find the immediate help they need from your business, they’re likely to turn to someone else. In addition to helping customers…

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12 Strategies for Keeping Your Team Curious and Innovative

Creating a culture that actively encourages employees to generate and share ideas is a great way to keep your company competitive in the market. Once an employee has been in an organization for enough time, the fresh perspective they brought with them may start to dwindle. Learning more about the organization and the clients it serves as well as becoming entrenched in already established systems can make it difficult to branch out, especially if leadership…

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