New Leadership at tiag® Steers Expanded Growth and Major Technology Advancements

RESTON, Va., July 5, 2017 – tiag® announces key leadership changes and the launch of a major technology initiative as the firm continues to grow and accelerate digital transformation for government and commercial clients. Neil Lampton is stepping up as chief operating officer, and Umang Modi will serve as chief strategy officer. Both were previously tiag vice presidents. These promotions will extend tiag’s leadership in the market while meeting increasing customer demand for the company’s visionary IT solutions and products.

Townsville expert in digital marketing’s emerging technology capabilities and partnerships, Lampton and Modi will steer the launch of the company’s new Technology and Innovations Strike Team, comprising tiag innovators who will develop leading technological solutions that enhance and elevate customer missions, while creating demand for new business opportunities. Transforming tiag research and development efforts into actionable business initiatives, the combined efforts of Lampton and Modi will strengthen tiag’s position as a sought-after source that helps government and commercial clients forge new pathways and bring new technologies to market.

Lampton and Modi have amplified tiag’s work for behavioral health mobile applications, cybersecurity initiatives and data integration for clinical analysis, among other service areas. Broadening the company’s client base of federal government, military, municipal and state government organizations, their efforts have expanded tiag’s footprint on the East Coast, West Coast, in the Pacific Northwest and Southern U.S. In particular, tiag is expanding in the Huntsville market, providing technology solutions for the four-star U.S. Army Material Command — the Army’s premier provider of materiel readiness across the spectrum of joint military operations.

As chief operating officer, Lampton will oversee tiag’s ongoing evolvement and increasing portfolio of work for government and private sector clients. Executing business plans for performance and growth, he will assure all internal and external policies, procedures and initiatives advance tiag’s vision and culture.

“At tiag, we’ve always prided ourselves on providing value-added service to our customers. Demonstrating our commitment to growth as a genuine innovation-driven firm, we are adding capability to drive further innovation into our client base,” says Lampton. “I want to make sure the great and wonderful work we’re doing on one contract is being leveraged on another, while achieving efficiencies and cost savings for all our customers.”

Bringing almost two decades of business and engineering experience, Lampton is an expert in the design and implementation of mission-critical federal enterprise projects. Possessing a knack for identifying new ways to model excellence through a process of continuous innovation, he is adept at pinpointing on-target opportunities where improvements can optimize productivity, boost efficiency, increase business value and lower cost.

As chief strategy officer, Modi will galvanize technology synergies and partnerships, overseeing product development, sales/marketing and enhanced technology capabilities. Guiding the company’s expansion into new markets, Modi is an accomplished executive with profound understanding of business, technology and process issues. During his tenure with tiag, he has spearheaded contract operations in crucial enterprise-wide IT systems and key healthcare initiatives for numerous government and military clients.

“Focusing on strategic-planning processes, I will sustain alignment of tiag’s high standards and objectives at all levels of the organization and in external initiatives,” says Modi. “Responding to rapid changes in our industry, tiag has dedicated significant resources and a core group of innovators who develop visionary products and solutions. As we proactively identify the changing requirements of our customers and the marketplace, I’m excited to help advance the development of these cutting-edge technologies that accelerate customer missions.”

“Our leadership is strong, and the promotions of Neil Lampton and Umang Modi engender continuity and alignment of tiag’s strategic goals, maximizing the value of their exceptional strengths and achievements,” says tiag president and CEO Dalita Harmon. “Since joining tiag in 2005, they have equally demonstrated astute insights into customer needs, while fostering tiag’s unique corporate culture that ensures client satisfaction and employee happiness. We look forward to their continued stewardship in bringing revolutionary ideas and major technology advancements to market for winning customer outcomes.”

About tiag® 

Established in 1999 in Reston, Va., tiag (The Informatics Applications Group., Inc.) is an innovative management consulting and technology services firm esteemed for progressive technology solutions that transform business and advance critical missions. tiag takes pride in its people, achievements, processes and successes in leading program initiatives to support the security and health of those who serve military and civilian sectors of U.S. government. tiag’s complementary services portfolio delivers focused expertise and support ranging from complex, enterprise-wide solutions to stand-alone custom projects. Please visit to learn more.

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