How to Create a Landing Page That Captures Clients

Putting yourself in the shoes of your ideal customer can be an effective way to ensure you remain focused on their needs and desires.

landing page is often the first interaction a potential customer has with your website and company. The wrong colors, not enough or too much information and a cluttered design can all be factors that turn potential customers away from a business. An appealing landing page, however, not only entices visitors to explore the website further but can also be essential in converting visitors to paying customers.

Below, 12 Newsweek Expert Forum members each share one way to ensure a landing page is appealing and optimized for conversions. From simplifying the design to reaching out to your target audience for feedback, making even small changes can lead to higher conversion rates.

Showcase the Brand’s Mission Statement

To prepare your landing page to increase conversions, it’s crucial to have your brand’s mission statement clearly presented so that the user can immediately see it without scrolling. Potential customers who visit your website are there to learn more about your business. By seeing this when they open the page, they can know right away if your brand offers the products or services they need. – Will

Keep it Simple

Focus on simplicity with a clean design, a compelling headline and one clear call to action. Less is often more. Overloading visitors with too many options or excessive information can deter engagement. By guiding visitors seamlessly with a singular focus, you increase the likelihood of turning that digital handshake into a lasting connection. – Joseph SoaresIBPROM Corp.

Include a Clear CTA

For landing pages to be optimized for conversions, implement a clear and compelling call to action. A well-designed and strategically placed CTA grabs the attention of visitors and guides them toward the desired action, whether it’s making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter or booking a demo. Ensure that the landing page is visually appealing, user-friendly and loads quickly. – Alan WozniakBusiness Health Matters (BHM) Executive Consulting

Understand the Needs of Your Customers

One crucial way to ensure a landing page is appealing and optimized for conversions is by understanding and addressing the needs of the users. By conducting thorough user research, we can create a personalized and intuitive user experience, leading to higher conversion rates. – Umang ModiTIAG, Inc.

Communicate Your Value Succinctly

People only spend a few seconds on a page initially before making the decision to stay or go. Capture attention with a clear value proposition that is communicated in a few seconds. Remember that people don’t read all the copy or won’t understand your business like you do. They are scanning your page and deciding whether they want to stay and learn more, take action or leave. Make it easy for them to understand and take action. – Krista NeherBoot Camp Digital

Simplify the Design and Layout

One easy way to make sure your landing page is both appealing and optimized for conversions for visitors is to keep the design and layout simple. Nothing turns a new visitor off more than a chaotic and complicated landing page. A simple page will prevent the visitor from being overwhelmed and help them get to what they want to see, which helps with conversions. – Baruch LabunskiRank Secure

Center Content Around One Specific Outcome

Landing pages follow different rules than the rest of your website. To ensure that they will convert visitors, make sure that all the content is designed to achieve only one specific outcome. Throwing in the kitchen sink will only distract people and cause them to bounce. Ask yourself what your goal is, and then ensure that everything on your page builds to that one desired outcome of click, click, buy. – Gergo VariLensa

Blend Art and Science

A well-optimized landing page is a blend of art and science. While design and copywriting skills play a role in creating an appealing page, A/B testing ensures that the design and messaging choices are effective in driving conversions. By continuously testing, learning and iterating, businesses can significantly enhance the performance of their landing pages. – Britton BlochNavy Federal

Design With Customer Emotions in Mind

Harness the power of an emotion resonance blueprint. Psychological triggers drive people’s actions. Map out your target audience’s primary emotion when they seek your solution, such as relief, anticipation or joy. Then design every element of your landing page, from colors and words to imagery, to echo these emotions. You will be creating a way to instantly resonate with visitors on an emotional level. – Dr. Kira GravesKira Graves Consulting

Provide Your Audience With a Sample

It’s important that what you do or how you connect with others from the get-go is clearly defined. Don’t fall into the trap of trying to overly convince others that you, your mission or your product or service are worthy. Demonstrate confidence by giving your audience a taste but not the whole bite. – Leah MaroneCorporate Wellness Consultant

Seek Input from Professionals and Your Target Audience

Having a clean and elegant look really helps convert visitors. Microsoft Office may have a Comic Sans font, but it doesn’t mean that you need to use it. Hire a professional web designer and get some opinions from your target audience about how it speaks to them. The website will be the public face of your company, so make sure the site reflects it accurately and makes it easy to use. – Zain JafferZain Ventures

Avoid Perfectionism

Don’t overthink it because perfection is a mirage. Instead of spending endless hours tweaking, push your page live. The real gold lies in the data and feedback you’ll gather post-launch. Use that to refine and optimize. Remember that it’s better to launch, learn and iterate than to stall in the pursuit of the elusive “perfect.” – Ian WildingHangar 75

Previously published on Newsweek.