Empowering Voices: Celebrating Women’s Contributions in Tech Beyond Women’s History Month

Reflecting on Women’s History Month, TIAG takes pride in celebrating, appreciating, and honoring the remarkable women who contribute significantly to our company’s success. Beyond the confines of March, we are committed to recognizing the achievements and wisdom of TIAG’s women year-round. To encapsulate their invaluable insights, we’ve gathered their words of advice, reflections on the importance of women in tech, and experiences of opportunities provided by TIAG.

Jessica Gill, a Business Analyst at TIAG, shares a deeply personal journey that resonates with many women who have faced barriers to entry in the tech industry. Growing up in an environment where girls were not encouraged to pursue tech, Jessica’s initial intimidation was overcome by the supportive community of brilliant women at TIAG. Their mentorship and empowerment have not only transformed Jessica’s perception of the industry but have also inspired her daughters to explore opportunities in tech, bridging generational gaps and breaking stereotypes.

Jennifer Eggers, NCOC Project Lead, echoes Jessica’s sentiments, emphasizing the importance of supportive networks in navigating and succeeding in the tech world. Her assertion that “Behind every great woman, there is another great woman” reflects TIAG’s commitment to fostering an environment where women uplift and empower each other to excel professionally.

Caitlin Yelinek, Executive Director of Talent Management, delves into the internal struggles that many women face when it comes to self-doubt and imposter syndrome. Her empowering message encourages women to rewrite their narratives and embrace their qualifications and capabilities without reservation.

Nichole Patterson, FEMA EDAMI Project Lead, draws inspiration from a prominent female leader, Ginni Rometty, to emphasize the importance of self-definition and leadership regardless of gender. By embodying a stewardship mindset, women at TIAG can assert their value and contribute meaningfully to the company’s success.

Missy Leonard German, Executive Director of Human Resources, offers a poignant reminder of the importance of resilience and self-compassion in professional growth. Her advice to be patient, kind to oneself, and persistent in practice resonates with individuals navigating the challenges of career advancement.

Jen Crawford, Senior Manager at TIAG, concludes with a powerful call to action, urging women to confidently assert their voices in professional settings. By fostering inclusive environments and rejecting stereotypes, women can contribute to more diverse and equitable decision-making processes.

As we look back on Women’s History Month, let us carry forward the spirit of empowerment, solidarity, and inclusivity championed by these exemplary women at TIAG. Their collective wisdom serves as a beacon, guiding us towards a future where gender equality and diversity flourish in the tech industry and beyond.