Data-Driven Decision Making Drives Comprehensive Business Transformation of Defense Health’s Billion-Dollar Military Medical R&D Enterprise

tiag® Contract Expanded for Science, Technology and Enterprise Solutions

RESTON, Va., May 26, 2017 – Advancing medical research, product development and medical logistics management for U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command (USAMRMC), tiag® was recently tasked with the next iteration of a contract to expand and extend its prior business transformation efforts supporting the defense health community’s billion-dollar military medical research and development enterprise. Having previously established functional requirements for USAMRMC’s Research Management Enterprise Capability (RMEC) to empower USAMRMC’s transformation into a genuine enterprise research-management structure, tiag is now delivering science, technology and enterprise solutions — applying data-driven decision making and a strategic, management science approach.

In a series of tasks that include solution design, development, automation and consolidation, tiag is re-engineering and packaging all prior works into a formal, comprehensive military acquisition program for the RMEC, which will support thousands of research management processes for USAMRMC. Additionally — providing a model for leadership transparency in financial execution of USAMRMC’s R&D program — tiag is applying its innovative Data-Driven Decision process to allow visibility into how all components and programs function at every level of the organization. Ensuring accuracy and integrity of business intelligence and financial data, this approach compiles and cleanses data from extensive sources, and includes a visualization tool that significantly decreases time required to create reports.

“Enabling an agile approach to solutions development, this work is a major advancement for USAMRMC,” say tiag co-founder Fred Goeringer. “With immediate access to critical information, leadership can spend less time in spreadsheets to ensure target financial spending in prudent, prescribed methods.”

Having served the command in prior projects while establishing the framework for USAMRMC’s extensive knowledge base, tiag shares a common bond with USAMRMC’s past and a mutual commitment to its ongoing success. tiag’s unique expertise and situational awareness of the Military Health System continues to benefit USAMRMC in this comprehensive business transformation effort. Supporting the full medical research lifecycle for the Army’s medical materiel developer, tiag is focusing on R&D business processes, including financial and project management for USAMRMC and its subordinate organizations under the RMEC program.

About tiag • Established in 1999 in Reston, Va., tiag (The Informatics Applications Group., Inc.) is an innovative management consulting and technology services firm esteemed for progressive technology solutions that transform business and advance critical missions. tiag takes pride in its people, achievements, processes and successes in leading program initiatives to support the security and health of those who serve military and civilian sectors of U.S. government. tiag’s complementary services portfolio delivers focused expertise and support ranging from complex, enterprise-wide solutions to stand-alone custom projects. Please visit to learn more.


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