Elite Force Awards Program

Rise to the Challenge!

Each TIAG team member’s extraordinary points of professional performance in demonstrating the missions within our Seven Strategic Commitments are consistently recognized and rewarded through our Elite Force Awards Program.

TIAG customers don’t just get IT consultants, they get TIAG’s Elite Force — the industry’s top talent, actively engaged, empowered and fully supported in going above and beyond to be their personal and professional best. And as a result, consistently deliver the best expertise, service and solutions to our customers.

TIAG’s Elite Force

The Commander
Committed to professionalism and integrity in everything we do

The Motivator
Committed to true achievements for our customers

The Learner
Committed to personal and professional growth

The Collaborator
Committed to circular team building and teamwork

The Trailblazer
Committed to corporate stability and responsible growth

The Risk-Taker
Committed to responding to changes proactively in the marketplace

The Go-Getter
Committed to persistence and getting it right