Entrepreneurial Spirit

At TIAG, our greatest asset is our people. Our unique, unified company culture attracts brilliant, creative, well-credentialed business and technology professionals who share an entrepreneurial spirit and ardent desire to make a true difference for customers. Our commitment to taking care of our people inspires the dedication and longevity of our teams, ensuring success and continuity for client initiatives.

TIAG’s strategic quality control management system and processes amplify our company-wide focus on excellence — ensuring the highest degree of management processes, solutions and work products we create and deliver for our customers. Notably, TIAG has achieved prestigious International Organization for Standardization (ISO®) 9001:2015, 27001, and 20000-1 certifications for quality management systems (QMS), is appraised at Level 3 of CMMI® Institute’s Capability Maturity Model® Integration (CMMI) for Services, and a trusted provider of CMMC cybersecurity and information technology consulting services as a CMMC-AB Registered Provider Organization.

Customers choose TIAG because we drive genuine innovation for our customers and deliver value beyond the scope of work. Our innovative solutions and services range from complex enterprise-wide solutions to stand-alone custom projects, among them:

Cloud Integration and Data Center Consolidation – Migrating essential applications and services to cloud-based environments, TIAG balances the use of local servers and the cloud to achieve efficient operational and rapid scalability while ensuring compliance and security.

Mobile Platform – Implementing strategies that successfully transform business operations for maximum flexibility, TIAG synthesizes interactive, Agile-based approaches with milestone-driven traditional software and system engineering methods.

Software Development – U.S. Armed Forces rely on software to execute missions, collaborate with allies, and manage the entire defense infrastructure and enterprise. Our interactive, agile-based approach is combined with milestone-driven traditional software and system engineering to rapidly modernize, simplify, integrate, and deploy mission-critical applications. Our tactical innovations and expertise ensure our Armed Forces have the support they need to maintain technological dominance, readiness, and national defense.

Data Analytics – Providing flawless data analytics and optimization services to ensure effective data patterns in the automation and merge of data from multiple databases, TIAG tailors solutions specific to the client’s mission, situation and environment.

Cybersecurity and Information Assurance – TIAG provides cybersecurity and IA services support ranging from leadership guidance, policy development and security assessment to independent verification and validation, certification and accreditation, plan of action and milestone development, incident response and security awareness training.

Clinical and Business Informatics – Defining processes that help health care organizations achieve organizational performance targets, our physicians, nurses and business informatics professionals understand that the patient/health care provider relationship is most vital to the mission.

Human-Centered Design – Maximizing product utility and desirability while minimizing the need for rework and revision, TIAG combines behavioral science and the art of user-centered design to eliminate usage barriers and heighten product success. Our UX experts test and validate products with end-users, delivering designs and processes from conception to implementation.

Infrastructure Optimization and IT Service Management – TIAG certified professionals bring vast IT expertise, business experience and leadership strengths to streamline and consolidate processes while automating labor-intensive tasks.

Strategic Planning, Program and Project Management – Focusing on timelines, transparency, security, usability and value for the customer, TIAG ensures delivery of high value initiatives and achieves winning results in leading large-scale enterprises through change.

Enterprise Architecture – Applying DoD prescribed models and approaches supporting agile systems development and framework conceptualization, TIAG teams lead numerous successful EA transformations for diverse health care organizations across defense health.