Our Focus

Dalita Harmon and Fred Goeringer co-founded TIAG in 1999 to create a new model for management and technology consulting services. One of our core differences departs from the industry standard of treating people like commodities. TIAG hires the best people and treats them like talent. It’s a completely different mindset. These professionals join TIAG with the intention of being part of a cohesive group that remains dedicated to outstanding customer results.

Our roots are grounded in a fundamental belief that you deliver integrity in counsel by hiring true experts.

We hire credentialed professionals who possess deep knowledge and real-world experience, and who find intrinsic reward in making a genuine difference for the customer. We are dedicated to providing a culture that takes care of its people – creating a solid, steady group that provides continuity for customers programs.


This focus and commitment to customers and to our people results in an unparalleled intellectual capital base of long-term, committed, respected professionals who provide program continuity, workforce stability and nimble response for our customers. We encourage entrepreneurial approaches and innovative leadership that draws on lessons learned through decades of experience in their respective fields.

When Commitment Matters
Our Seven Strategic Commitments ensure we deliver on our promise of excellence.
CommitmentTo Professionalism and Integrity in Everything We Do
CommitmentTo True Achievements for Our Customers
CommitmentTo Personal Professional Growth
CommitmentTo Circular Team Building and Teamwork
CommitmentTo Corporate Stability and Responsible Growth
CommitmentTo Responding to Changes Proactively in Our Marketplace
CommitmentTo Persistence and Getting it Right