Month: January 2016

How do you get from idea to app?

tiag Co-Sponsors Symposium to Help Others Surmount Obstacles in Mobile App Development RESTON, Va., Jan. 25, 2016 – Seeking innovative ways to translate their ideas into products that benefit more people, a growing number of research institutions — along with life science and health care researchers — are exploring mobile applications and emerging digital health platforms as a means to improve care delivery and foster patient engagement. But successful entry into the mobile apps world is complicated by confusion about the ever-changing regulatory landscape, the search for knowledgeable commercialization partners, and copious obstacles in the quest to get from idea to…

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Cyber confusion holding up federal IT

Both Congress and the Department of Defense were in the news in recent weeks regarding their use of technology – namely, both groups’ lack of knowledge and clear definition for cybersecurity and cloud technologies.

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Executive Promotions Announced as tiag® Continues Expansion Into New Markets

RESTON, Va., Jan. 20, 2016 – tiag® (The Informatics Applications Group, Inc.) recently promoted Neil Lampton and Umang Modi to vice president posts as the company adds more than a dozen new contracts to its portfolio in the last quarter. Lampton and Modi are credited with garnering significant new work for tiag including behavioral health mobile apps, cyber security, data integration for clinical analysis and an expanded footprint in Washington state with city and state government organizations. An expert in the architecture and deployment of mission-critical federal enterprise projects, Lampton is known for his proactive, on-target identification of solutions that…

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