Warrior Performance Platform (WP2™)

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Winning the fight against threats to America’s security elevates the immediate need for increased strength, readiness and performance of U.S. military’s Special Operations Forces (SOF). Last year alone, SpecOps units deployed to 138 countries. Enhancing the intensive training and fitness of these elite warriors, now there’s a technology to help ensure their endurance and survival.

TIAG® is honored to introduce Warrior Performance Platform (WP2™) — designed as a peerless solution to help Department of Defense military operations make smarter, safer decisions in SOF training. Leveraging the technology of wireless, wearable devices, WP2 is a dynamic, customizable tool that allows military leadership to continually evaluate, adjust and optimize the training, performance and readiness of deploying SOF units.

As a purpose-built performance-tracking platform for the DoD and federal community, WP2 monitors key indicators of a warrior’s health and capability, maximizing the value of real-time and historical data within one centralized system. Providing the capability to uncover trends, develop insights, reduce risk and prevent negative outcomes, WP2 enables leadership and instructors to customize training programs that push these warriors to perform at their absolute best, while curtailing chronic/overuse and stress-related injuries.

Simultaneously, the WP2 platform monitors hundreds of warriors throughout the readiness cycle, informing key command decision makers to support mission and training adjustments. Holistic evaluations can be tailored to reflect each command’s unique requirements. Leaders can measure mission performance based on preparation, physical fitness, strength and capabilities. Facilitating individualized training and readiness linked to successful mission execution, WP2 empowers leaders and instructors to spend more time with warriors and less time in spreadsheets.

WP2 PT Data

Advancing warrior performance and operational readiness

The WP2 platform fuses TIAG's demonstrated expertise in data analytics, telemedicine and cutting-edge health IT solutions with decades of lessons learned within military communities and professional sports arenas. Advancing proactive performance management from training through deployment, WP2 is powered by applied science and next generation human performance analytics — integrating the CoachMePlus performance-optimization solution used by major teams across the NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, NCAA, MLS, CFL and military.

Enhancing training and fitness to advance readiness, Warrior Performance Platform (WP2™) is a peerless solution to help Department of Defense military operations make smarter, safer decisions in SOF training.

WP2 Centralized Data Management

Providing access to performance data all in one place, WP2 is a secure, accreditation-ready platform that provides immediate value. The enterprise application includes front office, warrior profile, reporting, permissions and security features. A centralized workflow features warrior app, team access point and additional workflows. Individual, customized dashboards and advanced analytic capabilities to meet specific command needs.

WP2 Cybersecurity

A robust security and permissions management system for groups and individuals. Providing secure, 24/7 information access, all information is encrypted in transit and at rest. WP2 works with more than 60 wearable device technologies and integrates the data of those technologies into our centralized platform — making it part of your overall warrior analysis.

WP2 Customer Service

Phone support when you need it by expert U.S.-based customer service staff. Online support system includes clear step-by-step guidance with photos and videos.