tiag Selected to Support Bellevue College: Transitioning Military Service Members Into Highly Skilled Health IT Workers

tiag is pleased to announce two new wins for the season.  Bellevue College has selected tiag for two awards to support a “boots to suits” transition of military service members into the ranks of highly skilled health IT workers.  This work is a perfect match between tiag’s founding mission of providing the best in health IT to the military – and now utilizing their specialty to support the successful transition of military personnel into first-class civilian healthcare IT jobs.

The Health eWorkforce (HeW) Consortium, funded by the Department of Labor, was formed to elevate national Health Information Technology workforce development efforts and train more than 2,000 veterans, TAA-eligible workers and others for promising careers in healthcare and Health IT.  Led by Bellevue College, nine colleges are developing professional certification health IT training programs that will be disseminated to colleges throughout the U.S.  The certifications will give veterans a decided edge in the burgeoning healthcare IT job market as the growth of electronic medical records (EMR) explodes.

tiag will be leading the engagement of the military transition infrastructure, federal and state agencies as well as private employers. An important part of this program is for the students to gain hands-on experience in open EMR and VISTA. tiag will be leveraging its decade-plus of pioneering such efforts and will be creating, and provide training on, a web based national academic EMR database for hands-on learning.

tiag is excited to be able to serve in this program and pleased to be advocating for, and maximizing DoL’s investment in, the successful transition of our soldiers.

Funded by the Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration, Grant #TC-23745-12-60-A-53