tiag Selected to Provide Continued Support at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research

tiag is pleased to announce the 2 year award to continue our exemplary support of the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR).  Over the last year tiag provided the project management, analysis, and execution for the migration of an antiquated Oracle database to a state of the art SQL based application with a customizable web interface.  WRAIR faced a daunting task of modernizing the Walter Reed Manpower Information System (WMIS), one of their homegrown manpower/budget tracking applications from an antiquated Oracle database 5 years past the end of its lifecycle date, to a secure next generation application. Our team of software developers assessed the application, developed a migration strategy with the feedback of the application users, and executed a full data migration to a web based, IA approved, SQL database at a cost drastically under what was projected to complete the migration.

The team’s effort and performance over the past year demonstrated our ability to understand and analyze complex systems and data-sets and provide a systematic process for migration and development, while maintaining the security and integrity of the DoD infrastructure.  This success has led to the continuation of our support to further customize and integrate the application, which will increase command visibility and reduce the man-hours needed to manage and report on the day-to-day operations of WRAIR.