tiag Professionals Deliver ISO 9001:2008 Certification

tiag announced today it has secured ISO 9001:2008 certification for the Army Medical Department (AMEDD). Underscoring the value of this quality-assurance certification accomplishment, AMEDD is now the first ISO-certified military architecture office within the entirety of the Department of Defense.

ISO certification is a reliable guarantee of quality, assuring customers that an organization has a set of procedures in place covering all key processes.

This particular ISO, as written – “architecture production and business analysis in support of medical information technology system development” – will also allow tiag to assist other organizations in achieving the same certification, making it a boon not only to AMEDD, but to tiag and a number of its clients.

“This is a tremendous credential for an organization to have, and an even greater achievement for tiag to have accomplished for our customer,” tiag President and CEO/COO Dalita Harmon said during the announcement. Ms. Harmon also borrowed a comment:

“In the words of the auditor in his report, ‘The Quality Management System of this organization is remarkably mature going into initial certification, especially for one that did not use a [professional ISO-certification] consultant.’”

Remarkably, this success was the result of tiag’s first foray into the ISO-certification process, a journey prompted by the needs of its AMEDD customer.