tiag Gives Support to Habitat for Humanity

The 40-degree weekend weather in Tillicum, WA did not deter the energy nor spirits of some extraordinary tiag employees.  When others turned to a cozy fireplace, this determined group grabbed hammers, straddled framing, and built a house as volunteers for Habitat for Humanity.  To them, the smell of fresh cut wood and cold coffee was warming enough.

The team is finding themselves quite handy after volunteering for the organization multiple times over the past year.  This last project even had the team taking on roofing and framing.  Known for his customer and team spirit, tiag’s senior manager, Don Houpt, found the experience to be very rewarding and unlike any other volunteering in which he has participated.  “This becomes personal” Don said.  “You realize you are helping a family have a home, a shelter, and one that will warm them,” he added.

The team plans to continue its efforts with Habitat as well as other community activities in which they have enjoyed serving.  We are proud, as an organization, to have such exemplary employees giving back to our communities.