Knowledge Management & Business Intelligence

Throughout the Department of Defense, tiag’s Business Intelligence group is known for its award winning contributions, transforming information into powerful, true knowledge management systems focused on mission- oriented outcomes. tiag’s BI experts are valued for their cross-functional blend of development talents including leading Web technologies, exceptional customized graphical user interface creation and creative SharePoint development skills all enhanced by their expertise in balance scorecard and lean six sigma.


tiag designed the “MEDKN” as Army medicine’s KM portal and was judged as the best Army-wide implementation of a KM portal several years in a row at the Army LandWarNet Symposium.

tiag developed the first ever informatics based system for the AMEDD, producing true management indicators for all aspects of Army Medicine. This system remains in use today as a cornerstone KM system, delivering strategic leadership direction for Army medicine.

Results Delivered

U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command (USAMRMC)

Supporting the defense health community's billion-dollar military medical research and development enterprise, tiag established functional requirements for USAMRMC's Research Management Enterprise Capability (RMEC) to empower USAMRMC’s transformation into a genuine enterprise research management structure. Delivering science, technology and enterprise solutions to advance medical research, product development and medical logistics management, tiag leads business transformation and process reengineering efforts, applying a strategic, management science approach fused with insightful business intelligence and data-driven decision-making.

U.S. Army Medical Command (MEDCOM) Deputy Chief of Staff (DCS) for Warrior Care and Transition (WCT)

wct-logoMEDCOM’s Deputy Chief of Staff for Warrior Care and Transition chose tiag to modernize, streamline, optimize and maintain the Army Warrior Care and Transition System (AWCTS) — an integrated, unified, web-based application that assists ill and wounded soldiers throughout medical and rehabilitation processes, and during their transition back into the force or into veteran status. tiag applied its expertise in clinical and business informatics, user-centered design, cloud integration and data center consolidation to update and maintain the system, in addition to incorporating customized features and reports for AWCTS, and delivering specialized training for the system.

U.S. Army Medical Department (AMEDD)

logo-sm-osgmedcomThe Army Medical Department selected tiag to execute a measurement- based performance improvement strategy that adopted best business practices. tiag professionals delivered a web-based application available to all AMEDD members giving commanders, from the smallest clinic to the largest medical center, analysis techniques and immediate notification on performance thresholds.

U.S. Army Materiel Command (AMC) Chief Information Officer (CIO)

logo-sm-amcThe Chief Information Officer (CIO)/G-6 of AMC at Fort Belvoir, Virginia needed a way to communicate IT & IA compliance statistics to his senior decision makers at Headquarters and at all of AMC’s subordinate activities. Today, tiag’s Apprise™ dashboard solution successfully provides decision makers the first, real-time information about the state of IT & IA compliance throughout the Command.

Walter Reed Army Medical Center (WRAMC) BRAC

walter_reed_sm48To support the transition of personnel, systems, and knowledge, tiag designed and implemented both a regional SharePoint Portal, used throughout the region for knowledge management, as well as the JTF CapMed portal. This portal served as the hub for the entire NCA BRAC effort during the transition and closure of WRAMC to ensure that organizational knowledge was being effectively developed, captured, and shared throughout the NCA medical community.