Business Transformation

TIAG's business transformation (BT) group has a superior record of designing, leading and implementing highly successful organizational transformations. TIAG's professionals are known for their unmatched collaborative methodology garnering us the opportunity to work with such extraordinary organizations as the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy and throughout the Military Health System of the Department of Defense.

Our BT experts are not only seasoned business professionals, but have best of breed tools in their satchel such as Lean Six Sigma masters & black belts, Balance Scorecard, and Business Genetics. Their expertise and leadership strengths enable the careful guidance of the organization and stakeholders throughout the process from road map, to adoption, to dashboard metric measurements, to continuous process improvement methods.

Business transformations are powerful game-changers that align an organization with leadership’s vision and goals, and position the organization for tomorrow’s challenges. TIAG's BT team is valued for its expertise and ownership of every transformational endeavor.



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Results Delivered

U.S. Air Force Medical Operations Agency (AFMOA)

The United States Air Force chose TIAG for a systems process improvement project to drive change and improve care delivery across the USAF medical logistics enterprise. Supporting the Air Force Medical Operations Agency (AFMOA) Medical Logistics Division, TIAG is implementing innovative IT solutions, optimizing process reengineering and integrating best practices for patient-centered care, while achieving significant cost-savings for the Air Force Medical Service.

U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command (USAMRMC)

Supporting the defense health community's billion-dollar military medical research and development enterprise, TIAG established functional requirements for USAMRMC’s Research Management Enterprise Capability (RMEC) to empower USAMRMC’s transformation to a genuine research management structure. Delivering enterprise solutions to advance medical research and product development, TIAG leads business transformation and process reengineering efforts, applying a strategic, management science approach fused with insightful business intelligence and data-driven decision-making. Demonstrating the tremendous value of data analytics as a core component of the RMEC solution, TIAG also applied data analytics to the RMEC financial execution requirements.

Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy (OUSDP)

logo-sm-dodDuring a two-year period, following a Secretary of Defense mandate, the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy structurally re-organized and transformed from a Cold War organization to a more agile, adaptive one. TIAG developed a new business model to meet Policy leadership’s vision. Performing a gap analysis, TIAG led the transformation and modernization of Policy’s business processes. Information technology improvements included a dashboard to inform evidence-based decisions, and a formal governance process that provides shared decision-making on issues affecting the organization.

Military Health System (MHS) Clinical Portfolio Management Board (CPMB)

logo-sm-mhsWhile supporting the Military Health System Clinical Portfolio Management Board (CPMB), TIAG developed strategy and business transformation processes focused on streamlining acquisition-related requirements decisions on future systems and the overall transformed business processes.

US Army Medical Information Technology Center (USAMITC)

USAMITC_sm48U.S. Army Medical Information Technology Center (USAMITC) is responsible for developing and maintaining a worldwide information management and information technology (IM/IT) system for the DoD, Army Medical Command, and other government entities. To ensure that USAMITC met the quality standards expected of a service provider, TIAG led the way for the USAMITC Architecture branch to achieve ISO 9001:2008 certification, the “gold standard” in quality management.