Infographic: Federal Agencies Finding Case for the Cloud

The argument in favor of cloud computing adoption is almost impossible to resist, as countless businesses have discovered. While not fully extinguished, worries about cloud security have been greatly overwhelmed by the sheer benefits that cloud solutions have to offer.

This trend isn’t limited to the private sector. Government agencies are also quickly moving to embrace cloud services in a wide variety of ways.

To an extent, federal cloud adoption has become a necessity, not an option. Agencies need to cut IT spending by 2.9 percent for FY 2015, necessitating the search for more innovative, cost-efficient technologies. Additionally, the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative requires federal agencies to close facilities and turn to more efficient data management strategies.

Cloud services address all of these issues and more. In terms of cost savings, the cloud delivers by offering consolidated infrastructure, reduced maintenance requirements and flexible software pricing. Highlighting these benefits, the U.S. Army was able to save more than $100 million simply by migrating to a cloud-based email system.

Additionally, the cloud’s off-site nature is ideal for disaster recovery strategies. With a cloud-based DR solution in place, agencies and other organizations can often restore all data and applications within hours of the initial outage.

Cloud services also enable government agencies to offload server maintenance responsibilities to third-party partners. This allows in-house IT teams to focus their time and energy on bigger, more strategically important projects.

However, there are important caveats for government leaders to consider before diving into the cloud. Most notably, a poorly executed migration and implementation can compromise performance and significantly increase cloud computing costs. To deploy the cloud affordably without sacrificing speed or quality, government agencies need to develop project road maps which incorporate collaboration from both internal and external cloud integration experts.

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Federal Agencies Finding Case for the Cloud

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