Umang Modi

Umang Modi

Chief Strategy Officer

Bringing business acumen, technical brilliance and a whatever-it-takes business approach to his role as chief strategy officer, Umang Modi helps organizations design and implement technologically advanced solutions that accelerate customer missions.

Drawing upon more than 15 years’ experience, Umang applies his in-depth understanding of business and technology to identify opportunities, define strategy and maximize resources. Steering strategic-planning processes for innovative solutions and capabilities, he ensures alignment of tiag’s high standards and objectives at all levels of the organization and in external initiatives.

Leading the company’s growth into new markets, Umang oversees product development, sales and marketing, and enhanced technology capabilities. Facilitating collaboration among tiag innovators and subject matter experts to develop leading technological solutions, he guides the transformation of research and development efforts into actionable business initiatives that enhance and elevate customer missions, while creating demand for new business opportunities.

“Responding to rapid changes in our industry, tiag has dedicated significant resources and a core group of innovators who develop visionary products and solutions. As we proactively identify the changing requirements of our customers and the marketplace, I’m excited to help advance the development of these cutting-edge technologies that accelerate customer missions.”~ Umang Modi

Fostering working relationships and synergies, Umang cultivates and strengthens alliances with partner companies by demonstrating principles, values and success strategies unique to tiag’s company culture. Nurturing the company’s internal talent, he mentors tiag’s Technology and Innovations Strike Team and portfolio management professionals to expand upon opportunities that truly advance customer initiatives.

Umang has embraced ever-increasing responsibilities since joining tiag in 2005, advancing from director to general manager and vice president. Applying insights and expertise as senior systems engineer and lead solutions architect, he delivered comprehensive, customer-centric solutions for multiple organizations across the Department of Defense. Consistently achieving success and exceeding customer expectations, he led contract operations for critical enterprise management endeavors and key healthcare programs at Defense Health Agency, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, U.S. Army Warrior Transition Command, Army Analytics Group, Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences, U.S. Army Research Laboratory, U.S. Army Materiel Command, and Letterkenny Army Depot, among other organizations.


  • Bachelor of Science (BS) — Information Systems Management, University of Maryland