Fred Goeringer


As co-founder and managing principal of tiag, Fred draws from leadership, management and engineering expertise that spans over 30 years of developing and delivering large-scale projects and state-change initiatives specializing in major information systems such as filmless medical imaging solutions for health care delivery enterprises. To ensure client success that warrants return business, Fred applies his personal management philosophies of “customer intimacy” and “security of purchase.”

During almost four decades of exceptional service in military medicine, working with academia and industry in the US and internationally, Fred Goeringer has earned accolades as an innovator who achieves arduous, unrealized outcomes. A sage consultant who steers organizations to the highest degrees of output and actualization, Fred has led successful major enterprise acquisitions and implementations of over $800 million in information and systems technology. And in the scheme of an industry, Fred’s work in telemedicine and digital imaging transformed the field of diagnostic medical imaging in enterprise medicine.

“To be successful at innovation, consultation, transformation, and delivery, you must be able to relate to client challenges from the customer’s individual, inside perspectives–to understand the customer of your customer. That’s what I call ‘customer intimacy’. When you consistently execute solutions that solve problems in innovative, proactive ways, clients will trust your judgment, feel secure in their purchase, and collaborate with you as a trusted partner. I focus on building that level of trust to ensure this ‘security of purchase’ in delivering authentic value to our clients.”~ Fred Goeringer

Fred co-founded tiag in 1999 as an information technology and transformation consultancy for military medicine, government and private enterprises. Under his stewardship, tiag has cultivated an impressive project management portfolio focused on modernizing military medicine with such initiatives as the Next Generation Dictation and Transcription System that exploits enterprise-wide medical speech recognition technology.  Most recently, Fred shepherded functional transformation of the US Army Medical Research & Materiel Command’s (USAMRMC) Research Management Enterprise System (RMES) Medical Information Program and created Functional Requirements for a Next Generation Deployable Teleradiology System for use in deployed military healthcare settings for Iraq and Afghanistan.

Previously, as senior managing director for Integrated Clinical Solutions at Philips Medical Systems, Fred built an imaging and information connectivity engineering and business organization from a start-up to a high-growth business for Philips Electronics, NV.  Creating successful cardiology and radiology network offerings for enterprise health care settings, Fred built the company’s $150M/year cardiology and medical imaging information systems business from scratch.  Notably, Fred applied “close-to-the-customer” and rapid prototyping systems acquisition principles to innovate a downstream marketing channel, systems integration, and a product development team into a cohesive, profitable, client-focused business unit.

As US Army Medical Services Corps Officer assigned to USAMRMC, Fred founded and served as its first program director of the Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center (TATRC).  In this role, he conceived and implemented the product development and business vehicle for telemedicine and advanced technology for all military medicine in the DoD.  During the first Iraqi war, Fred led a 35-person, multidisciplinary team of physicians, engineers and scientists to successfully deploy the first ever use of battlefield computed tomography and teleradiology for far-forward medical “golden hour” medical decision support.

Fred’s laser focus, as Program Manager of the Army Medical Care Support Equipment (MEDCASE), was to bring Army medical technology into the digital age.  Fred developed the strategy to take the program from $55 to $100 million annually.  As program manager for the Army’s Medical Diagnostic Imaging Support Program, Fred developed and fielded the first successful major implementation of filmless medical imaging and information technology on an enterprise-wide basis in all of US medicine. He guided this project from its original R&D proof-of-concept to full-scale implementation throughout military medicine.  Today over 20 million diagnostic medical imaging exams have been acquired, diagnosed, and digitally archived with this technology in military medicine.

Education, Credentials & Honors

  • Master of Science, Clinical Engineering, Schools of Engineering and Medicine, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio
  • Master of Business Administration, Whitman School of Management, Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York
  • Master of Military Science, U.S. Army Command & General Staff College, Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas
  • Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, University of San Francisco, San Francisco, California
  • Impact Legion of Merit Award, US Army for State-Change Achievements in Military Medicine
  • Neumann Distinguished Scholar Award in Financial Management, Syracuse University
  • Federal 100 Award–Recognized as one of the Top Information Management Executives in the Federal Government
  • Thurman Award, First Recipient for Excellence in Medical Advanced Technology from the US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command
  • Smithsonian “New Medical Pioneer” Nominee
  • Distinguished Engineering Alumni Award from Case Western Reserve University