Dalita Harmon

Dalita Harmon

President & CEO

A co-founder of tiag, Dalita serves as President and Chief Executive Officer, crafting the strategic direction of the organization. Ms. Harmon’s leadership has guided tiag to prominence as a premiere information-consulting firm throughout the Department of Defense. The company has built a complementary portfolio of services ranging from business process re-engineering to healthcare informatics and enterprise management, and has successfully directed over five billion dollars of technology innovation projects. Dalita brings passion, business discipline and savvy with over thirty years of expertise honed working with high growth and turnaround technology companies.

Prior to co-founding tiag, Dalita was founder and CEO of a leading business development and marketing firm in Washington, DC.  Ms. Harmon was well known for her vision guiding the turn-around of established technology giants and launching new technology ventures. Her comprehensive knowledge of marketplace trends and emerging technologies was leveraged to take firms from ideas on a napkin to recognized industry leaders. Her firm was responsible for the successful launch and branding of Web-based technologies and consumer oriented dotcom ventures.  Her expertise has been leveraged by start-up and Fortune 100 corporations on launching new technologies including Smart Card, RFID, Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM), Web-based health information technology and medical imaging, as well as Web-based business to business and consumer dotcoms initiatives.

Dalita spent seven years out of the technology industry leveraging her business acumen as a television and commercial producer.  Ms. Harmon was a motivational negotiator able to achieve a balance between client needs and union dictates. Dalita was sought-after for her skill in trouble-shooting and creative problem solving while managing multi-million dollar contracts, instantaneous deadlines, the hiring and direct oversight of union crews, complicated location logistics and legalities. Ms. Harmon’s reputation as a top producer of national television commercials for exclusive New York and Chicago advertising agencies garnered her work for high-profile clients such as Mercedes, BMW, Saab, McDonald’s, Coke, and Kraft Foods.

Her success in commercial production allowed her to pursue a passion for aviation. Ms. Harmon spent ten years of her career training and establishing herself as a corporate jet pilot.  Dalita flew throughout the West and Southwest for a land development firm.  Ms. Harmon achieved the pinnacle of success as a pilot, holding an Airline Transport Pilot license with several jet aircraft type-certifications, as well as her flight engineer rating.

Ms. Harmon was hand-selected early in her career to be one of seven pioneers to start a division within TRW to establish an international distributorship of mainframe computers. Within two years the group had established successful distributorships in 37 countries, having triumphantly wrestled the spectrum of international trade issues.  The group’s success has been long heralded as one of TRW’s most successful, asymmetrical ventures.

Following her success at TRW, Ms. Harmon joined the Service Bureau Company, a division of IBM focused on the transformation of business processes. Innovating two new products to serve unaddressed needs in the marketplace, Ms. Harmon created a new client base for SBC in the manufacturing industry; increasing SBC’s overall client base by 300%.  Focused on solving unique, critical needs within the manufacturing industry, and later within the services industry, Ms. Harmon created an inventory control system as well as a human capital management system. Dalita secured premiere clients for SBC including Coca-Cola; Arrowhead Waters; Presto Food Products; Bethlehem Steel; Easton Company; Price Waterhouse; and the YMCA.

Education & Credentials

  • Bachelor of Arts, Communications Theory, minor in Business, Pepperdine University, Malibu, California; UCLA Communications Theory
  • Creative Director in Advertising, post Bachelors, professional certification from The Advertising Center, Los Angeles, California
  • Airline Transport Pilot, GA1159, CE500 certifications, FEX, FEB, FE-J, CI medical